A Redesign.

I started this blog five years ago as a place to share my reflections and research updates. Reflecting back on those five years, I decided it was time for a redesign to represent my current work better. In those five years, I’ve moved between a few industries (finance, health technology, media, and now academia). I’ve learned much more about design and the best ways to present research to a wider audience. I also survived, albeit not always gracefully, my first year of graduate school while beginning my fieldwork, applying for grants, commuting back and forth regularly between New York and New Jersey, working through a handful of freelance projects, and grieving my grandfather. It was a very challenging year. I am not the same person I was when I started and I am excited to have a new “field journal” to show it. 

My plans for the next few years are exciting! I have been able to really dig into my fieldwork these last few weeks, gathering new data on the US’s freelance workforce, and I am excited to analyze my findings later this year. I will repost some of my old entries here slowly over time, but I am also hoping to mix them in with more applicable reflections on fieldwork/methods, graduate school, and my research. There should be some mixed media in here — I am experimenting with podcasting and building maps of my projects. 

Thank you for your patience as I work through my new editorial strategy and tinker with the website’s layout these next few weeks. I am giving myself plenty of time to enjoy this new experiment.